Friday, August 20, 2010

Letter #9: Astro-Jargon and the Language of the Heart

Dear Kendra~

Last night I was sitting at dinner between two astrologers who were talking voraciously about their techniques--the rightness of the Placidus or Koch house systems, their views on declinations, mid-points, and orbs, and the disparity between Vedic and Western astrology. I found myself in a strangely quiet mood. They seemed like two jewelers exclaiming the beauty of their gems, the profundity of their skills—and their suspicious interplay left me hungry. I listened to their astro-jargon, thinking all the while that they were like bees gathering no nectar. By the time we got to the dessert, I finally found space in the conversation—and was aggravated enough to offer a different opinion.

" We need to know how to translate astro-jargon into plain English--we need to go deeper than this, and find profound useful insights for our clients!"  I challenged them-- "We need to understand the basics better--because what we need to know is there--but only if we go deep enough! For example, I asked them what they would say to seeing Neptune squaring Mars in a chart and how they would explain that without insulting a client. Well, they said, rather shyly, it would depend....and indeed it would. It would depend on how the rest of the chart looked. This aspect can be weak willed and prone towards sleazy or victim-type behavior or a mark of a highly spiritual person who backs up their actions with deep considerations. Hm....the word "considerations" literally means "with pondering of the stars" or seeing the larger picture.

 And so I mentioned the simple “rule of three” where one looks to see if a psychological pattern is repeated three times in order to gage its importance. And finally I asked them if they knew that the Nodes have a way of pulling the whole chart together—they didn’t know that. The South Node is the underlying magnet of the client's karmic inheritance, and the North Node is its "homeopathic remedy." It is a person's North Star. I guess by the time we finished our cappucino's I was talking more than them.....ah....hope it wasn't eot, but I do fear that astrologers get lost in the confusion of techniques...and paradoxes. We need to go to the basics--and then go deeper into them.

Perhaps I was not in a mood for astro-jargon because I was thinking about how to reply to your heartfelt letter. There wasn’t going to be any quick astrological answers or astro-jargon that would make it better—other than the reflection you gave about the Moon and Pluto, and your feeling that the resonance between what happened and the astrological symbolism made you feel that you were part of a whole, and you had been through a sacred wounding known to many women. It was a wise letter.

So just now, instead of talking Saturn Returns and astrological aspects, I’d rather share with you these feelings that came up as I was having my morning coffee—this is what I wrote in my journal:

“When someone deeply listens to you, the fist-muscle of the heart relaxes and opens, in sweet surprise. When someone deeply listens to you, you begin to breathe. The heart extends itself like a child’s up-reaching hand and is held. It’s as if a cup that was half-empty now fills with waters of unexpected grace, and the touch of their eyes on your Soul opens the floodgates to healing tears. When someone holds you in their heart, listening deeply with words both said and unsaid, the heart rejoices… and you come to know yourself for the first time as worthy, whole and holy. In this sacred moment of time, there is love.”

I hope I have listened to you this way. I hold you in my heart….and this is what I send to you this morning, Kendra~


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