Monday, August 2, 2010

Fourth Letter: Moon aspecting Pluto, Moon in Cancer!

Dear Kendra~

There's a thunder and lighning storm raging outside, as I sit in my cozy room...the amber stained glass light on my desk warms the pages of my old journal as I write. I'm thinking about your Cancer Moon in the "4th house" --the fourth house always relates to your family of origin and how you frame the personal mythology of your life. It has to do with the 3 H's: home, heart and heart. Because you have the sign Cancer here, there's a lot happening in your Soul about your mother, mothering, and feeling secure financially and emotionally. Only you know how changeable and moody you can be--like the storm outside now vs the calmness in this room. Cancer, ruled by the ever changing phases of the Moon, can be crying and cleaning out her closets in the morning, and by evening, dancing with joy by the light of the full moon...

And...I see that your Moon is square to Pluto, the mythological god of the Underworld, hinting that your maternal family karmic inheritance has strongly impacted you. I wonder if you know that having a Moon in Cancer, plus the Pluto square your Moon, tells me that you probably have "unfinished business" at this Saturn Return that relates to your Mother.

Of course, there's your real mother, but behind her is the Archetypal Mother--and so whoever your mother is or isn't, we just know that she's a powerful person for you and that you've probably taken on some of her characteristics--the good and the not-so-good! And--you're going to need to understand her better--the family lineage she came from--and why she is the way she is, to see if you can forgive her for the negative impact on your life. If Pluto wasn't there squaring, or challenging that Cancer Moon it might be less challenging, but sometimes there's a bit of the "missing the mother" if Pluto is in hard aspect to the Moon.

Moon in Cancer, Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising all have a significant relationship with "Mother" and mothering. You haven't told me about her yet. But because of the contact with Pluto I know there's some deep influences and projections here. I hope that you'll forgive the humanness of her...I guess we all want the "Good Mother" archetypal Mother, and yet what we get is a very human mother; hopefully she was a "good enough Mother."

So what the Saturn Return will do is to stir the pot on any unfinished business with the mother or the father, and we finally come into being truly ourselves--taking on the responsibility of our life, and hopefully not living out the unfinished business of the parent that gets projected onto the child. have your Sun in Scorpio with Moon in Cancer--both water signs that tend to have psychic receptivity and a keen intuition. Both can be overly dramatic at times. Moody. Prone to phobias, until the unconscious fears are accepted and brought to consciousness. I wonder if there is a fear of pregnancy or a strong desire to have a child? It can work both ways with Moon in Cancer....or many planets in Cancer.

Enough for now. How are you my dear?

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