Monday, July 19, 2010

First Letter: Predictions and Your Personal Dreams

Dear Kendra~

You say the prediction is coming true, and I say it is not! You give your power away when you say that, and I don’t care if he is a famous astrologer. We’ll have much to talk about—I want to share with you some secrets of astrology, so that you can really understand yourself and your chart, and so you will never feel tempted by vague fears or inclinations that to procrastinate.

So yes! I’d love to take you on as a client and personal student--to mentor you--through email correspondence. Yes! I would love to do that. I've always loved "letters" and I guess this is the way we do it these days. Emails, journal entries, letters—let’s see where it all takes us.

I’m going to be really honest with you. I want to share with you why I am so often “the reluctant astrologer” and how my work entwines with my life in strange ways—I want you to know that I am
heart-broken that my family-- my husband Alistair, and my daughter, Sophie, are all torn apart by philosophical differences. I’m hoping that what has torn us apart can also bring us back together. I only ask of you that you keep these letters private between us.

I do understand your fear about the "Prediction" coming true--that astrologer should never have said that to you, and good astrologers don't like calling any of it a "prediction." There are probabilities and possibilities, challenges and unconscious motivations—but always, you have choices. I do believe that all the old default patterns of behavior from past lives or childhood are with us like ghosts from the past, but we are not fated, just "inclined." The old esoteric saying is true: fate plus character equals destiny. But the key word here is character, and that’s where it all hangs in the balance. In our choices.

So, before we start, I had a thought: could you spend a day dreaming into your personal story, the mythology of your life, and write some of it down in a journal? Could you dream into what might be? Sometimes I call this: "going to Paris first!" I believe you are STUCK in old stories. You are living a life that is too small for you-- like wearing shoes that are too tight. Your old life is pinching you, and your first task then, is to start dreaming.

I can imagine you spending a day dreaming into possibilities--plan a day curled up with a good book, your favorite journal or your laptop...maybe don't even get out of your pajamas! Treat yourself to some good coffee with scones and marmalade…. maybe play a little “French Café” music or have Bach playing softly in the background...could you do that? Call a friend and ask if she can come over for a glass of wine and perhaps a simple meal later, and share with her all that you've told me—the astrologer’s fearful prediction as well as what comes up for you during the day--could you do that? Untold stories and secrets, and even unspoken hopes, aren't good for your soul.

I know you believe that the prediction is coming true. His fateful prediction! Ugh. It's a liability of this profession to sometimes "see too much" but I wish you hadn't listened to that astrologer--he's the worst kind of fortune teller from "the old school". He sees fate and destiny as the same, and I don't. He missed the most important point--he missed the story "beneath the story" and how the North and South Nodes in the astrological chart contain homeopathic magic. Not fortune telling magick, but the magic to awaken to synchronicities and signs, and to see choices, to endure, and to take risks....

But we will talk...I mean, we will write! And during this time you would be wise to wait, ponder and consider all possibilities and not let your fears cloud your vision. Many fears are born of fatigue. Many predictions come true when we forget the present moment. I believe that now is the time for you to gather your courage and take a risk--that's what those transits and predictions are all about--but first you must rest and dream...

With warm blessings for your week-end in Paris~

~ Isabella

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